StarView surveillance equipment

A New Generation of StarView

Uniview recently launched the new generation of StarView series at the Global Partner Summit. The upgraded StarView series cameras kept the great night performance and enhanced to a higher resolution compared to the original generation of StarView cameras. Fully Upgraded StarView Series As we all know, high resolution is the trend of video surveillance. However, with the increase of pixels, the light-sensing area of each pixel decreases with the same size of sensor. Uniview .

Surveillance System Giveaway

We are giving away 4 channel recorder and 2 night vision camera package system. To enter into the giveaway Simply LIKE our Facebook page and SHARE the post on our Facebook Page and last but not least leave a COMMENT. That’s it! Follow these three simple things and you could be the new owner of a four channel surveillance system at no cost to you. There will be a drawing on April 27, 2018. .

A quick look after 2 years of service!!

A quick look after 2 years of service!!   This is a quick look at the quality of the 2 megapixel (1080P) HDCVI DVR and 2MP 1080p IR Vari-Focal Cameras. This system has been installed for over 2 years now and is still working great. We use it every day for things like to see who is at the door while in the back yard from our phones and on TVs in the house. .
Thinking about installing a home security system?

Installing Home Security Cameras: Where Should they be Placed?

Thinking about installing a home security system? Great idea! But for your system to be truly effective, you must ensure that you place the cameras in the right locations. Generally, cameras are mounted on the garage doors, basement entry, windows on the first floor and any other possible entry point that would attract potential intruders. Wherever you mount the camera, make sure that you do it high enough such that it is out of .
Cameras for Your Office

Selecting the Most Suitable Security Cameras for Your Office

A security surveillance system is a must have for any office, big or small.  But before installing any such system, here is what you should ask yourself. Should the cameras be installed in a discreet place or in clear visibility? The answer to this question depends on the location where you are installing the camera and what you’d be using it for.  For instance, box cameras are huge and installed in obvious places in .

Put the bad guys in the spotlight

Dark perimeters and nicely paved driveways are just asking a burglar to take a closer look at your home. Outside lighting is crucial, and is one of the best deterrents for keeping thieves away. Look into flood lights that are triggered by motion – nothing’s more discouraging to a bad guy than being in the spotlight. In addition, a gravel driveway or pathway is another way to make burglars think twice. Since you can hear their .