A quick look after 2 years of service!!

A quick look after 2 years of service!!


This is a quick look at the quality of the 2 megapixel (1080P) HDCVI DVR and 2MP 1080p IR Vari-Focal Cameras. This system has been installed for over 2 years now and is still working great. We use it every day for things like to see who is at the door while in the back yard from our phones and on TVs in the house. Living in Florida I was able to see outside after boarding up for a hurricane that came through last year. This was big help because I could see what was making all the noises. Our TV anti tower was starting to lean to the side because of a branch was wrapped around it and allowing the wind to push it. Once the branch was removed it stayed in place. That in its self has paid for the system. It would have been expensive to replace the tower and all the antis on it. My wife was able to find out what was eating up all the vegetables in her garden. She sat and watched the cameras from her tablet and shear enough a family of raccoons came out from the woods and started to ransack the garden. Now that she was able to identify the bandits she could take meshes to protect the garden from them.


I use what I sell, and these systems are just hard to beat. It’s been over 2 years now and It’s still plunging away day after day. lucky we have not been robed in any sort of way other than the bandits. If we ever are I know that this system will defiantly catch whoever it is coming in uninvited. It’s a lot easy to find someone if you know what they look like.


There is some maintenance to this type of system though. Things Like cleaning the glass on the front of the cameras and blowing out the DVR with a can of compressed air to clean the fan inside from time to time. I find it best to login in to the DVR and formatting the drive every 3 months just as a precautionary meshes. I have just added it to my normal outside chores. I would say that I spend about 30 minutes a month cleaning all 18 cameras and the DVR unit. All in all, I would say this was the best add on to protect my home and investments.

Video Description

I have neglected 4 cameras to see how long they could go without making any adjustments to them at all. I have not cleaned them either you will see them in the video below one is majorly out of focus and the others are very dirty, but all in all for not being touched in 2 years they look exceptionally well. You can be the judge.


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