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Maintaining Your Home Security System

Maintaining Your Home Security System

How much money do you invest in a reliable security system? A significant amount, right? And so you must maintain it regularly if you want it to deliver the best performance possible. Here are some tips that you should follow to ensure reliable protection. Perform inspections biannually Maintaining Your Home Security System Check all your cameras, both indoors and outdoors at least two times a year. Ensure that the cameras haven’t corroded, especially the .
Thinking about installing a home security system?

Installing Home Security Cameras: Where Should they be Placed?

Thinking about installing a home security system? Great idea! But for your system to be truly effective, you must ensure that you place the cameras in the right locations. Generally, cameras are mounted on the garage doors, basement entry, windows on the first floor and any other possible entry point that would attract potential intruders. Wherever you mount the camera, make sure that you do it high enough such that it is out of .

Put the bad guys in the spotlight

Dark perimeters and nicely paved driveways are just asking a burglar to take a closer look at your home. Outside lighting is crucial, and is one of the best deterrents for keeping thieves away. Look into flood lights that are triggered by motion – nothing’s more discouraging to a bad guy than being in the spotlight. In addition, a gravel driveway or pathway is another way to make burglars think twice. Since you can hear their .