The shopping season is now upon us again. Don’t get caught with your camera systems down or not recording. We have seen it so many times over the years that CCTV systems look like they are working and when the police retrieve the video it’s not there. ClearShot Plus is now doing tune ups on all CCTV systems.

Tune-ups Include

  1. Checking that the DVR is clean, recording and is working in good order.
  2. Check power supply voltages for any foreseeable problem and the voltage is up to proper levels.
  3. Check all cameras for focus and clean the lens.

This service can prevent damage to the systems due to dust in the DVR and low voltage to the cameras. Call us today to get your system tuneup before its to late.

(Treasure Coast Area)

$30.00 up to 4 cams

$55.00 up to 8 cams

$99.00 up to 16 cams

Offer expires. 01.01.2017

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