Installing Home Security Cameras: Where Should they be Placed?

Thinking about installing a home security system?Thinking about installing a home security system? Great idea! But for your system to be truly effective, you must ensure that you place the cameras in the right locations.
Generally, cameras are mounted on the garage doors, basement entry, windows on the first floor and any other possible entry point that would attract potential intruders.
Wherever you mount the camera, make sure that you do it high enough such that it is out of reach, and if possible, it should be out of sight as well, so that a potential intruder doesn’t mess with it. Here are some entry points where you should always have cameras.


The front door

Almost 34% of the burglars break into the house through the main entry or the front door, and so you should always have a camera there. But don’t install the camera on the ground floor. Instead, install it on the second floor, focusing on the front door.
If you have only one level, install the camera on the first floor using a vandal proof camera or enclose for protection against stones, rocks and potential damage.

The back door

22% burglars use the side and the back doors to gain entry inside your house. As a rule of the thumb, install a camera over all the entry doors in your house for greater security.
Just as with the front door, install the equipment in an unreachable place on a higher floor. Should this not be possible, protect the camera through other means.

The backyard

If you store expensive gardening equipment, a high-end kid’s bicycle or any other thing of value in the backyard, you should have cameras there as well.
In case, you have fencing around the perimeter, then install a camera that provides a view of the entrance gate, or just install multiple cameras, covering the entire backyard.

The windows

Some burglars may enter your home through a rear window that doesn’t overlook the main street. If you place cameras near these windows, you can catch intruders who lurk in the dark, staying away from the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood.

Basement stairs

Generally most of the basements have doors or windows through which a person may be able to crawl in. While there may not be a need to install cameras providing views of the entire basement, you should definitely install one by the stairs, leading up to your home.

What else should you install and where?

• Install a peephole camera at the front door, so you can view who is outside before you open the door.
• Choose weatherproof cameras that provide vision even during the dark hours of the night if you’re installing them over the front/side doors and in the backyard.
• Opt for a camera that has zooming capabilities and can tilt 360 degrees.
• Considering the camera over the windows, go with equipment that can be controlled remotely from a mobile phone.
• Install motion-sensing floodlights in the backyards, and motion sensitive infrared vision cameras in the basement.

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