DIY HD Upgrade Kits

Analog is out and HD is in, HD over coax that is. Analog in its day was great but HD is so much better. If you have an existing CCTV security system that was professionally installed or you did one your self using Rg59 coax or whats known as Siamese cable then you are in the right place. We have created  DIY analog to HD upgrade kits to replace your old analog surveillance system.

Our upgrade kits are designed to make it easy for anyone to upgrade there surveillance systems themselves with no messy installs. In most cases it will only require a screwdriver or a cordless drill. Simply replace the cameras using the existing wiring. Replace the DVR and connect the wires to the new DVR. We also recommend changing out the power supply to adequately power the new cameras.

You will receive and 4 in 1 DVR that is compatible with all of the HD form factors that will support, HDCVI/HDTVI/AHD/Analog/IP. Yes even IP! Depending on what kit you purchase you could add as little as 2 and as high as 6 IP cameras to your system with out changing out anything in the future. We have you covered.

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