Put the bad guys in the spotlight

Dark perimeters and nicely paved driveways are just asking a burglar to take a closer look at your home. Outside lighting is crucial, and is one of the best deterrents for keeping thieves away. Look into flood lights that are triggered by motion – nothing’s more discouraging to a bad guy than being in the spotlight. In addition, a gravel driveway or pathway is another way to make burglars think twice. Since you can hear their footsteps, it might be enough to make them feel like your house isn’t worth the risk.

A dark home is a vulnerable home!

Security lighting around your home gives you much more of a chance to be overlooked by a burglar, making them move on to an easier target. While proper security lighting is important to home security, don’t forget that it’s only just a part of things you can do to keep yourself, your family and your home safe.

To get the most out of your security lighting, make sure all of your bases are covered. You want to make sure you have enough lighting that there aren’t large blind spots around your property.

Many, not-as-bright lights do a much more effective job than one really bright one.

The more blind spots you have around your yard, the easier you are making it for the burglar. You have to consider more areas of your yard than just the obvious ones. And even then, some people miss some of the obvious ones…

You want to make sure the main areas of your home have proper lighting. Your doors and main pathways are the biggest areas to consider.

But a lot of people only ever think about the front of their house. The front yard is all that most people see, but that’s the lease likely place for a burglar to be!

Make sure that not only is the front of your house covered, but the back yard as well, and along the sides of your house.

It is just a smart idea to have some sort of lighting at any entryway into your home; front, back and/or along the sides. Not only to scare off intruders but to aid you at night.

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