Welcome to our support page in this section of our website you will find how to guides ranging from out-of-the-box set up to how to fine tune your PVR. You also find a downloads page to obtain the necessary software for remote viewing on either computer, cell phone, tablet etc. If you are having an issue that we have not covered in this section feel free to send an email to or call our toll free line at 1-855-411-1638 to speak with one of our tech support representatives.


Getting started

This is a quick look on how to set up your newly purchased surveillance recorder. This is the shortened version of the manual to get you up and running without having to read the entire manual..


Our download sections will provide the needed software such as SPSS (Smart Pro Surveillance System) used to remotely manage multiple recorders at different locations on one monitor. Along with the smart player to sink and playback recordings and also allow to convert the video to an AVI form for playback on a computer.