Channel Type Configuration

Channel Type Configuration.

Our DVRs and PVRS allow for 5 different technologies to be used. HD-CVI / HD-TVI / AHD / CVBS / and IP. Each channel can be configured to work with one of the 5 technologies in the Channel type menu. You can get to the Channel type menu by first opening the main menu, then navigating to “Camera” in the bottom left. Then to the Channel type menu on the left hand side.

IP Channels can be added to the recorder by clicking the “Add IP or Start IP” button at the bottom of the menu
4 channel recorders add 2 extra IP channels
8 channel recorders add 4 extra IP channels
16 channel recorder add an extra 8 IP channels

BNC channels can also be converted over to IP by starting at the last BNC channel on the list and working upwards. For example if it is a 16 channel recorder you can start with converting channel 16 to IP (disabling the 16th BNC on the back of the device), then converting channel 15 to IP (disabling the 15th BNC on the back of the device), and so on upwards.