CSP RMA Policy

Document Purpose and Scope: This document sets forth the return and repair policy applicable to the products that are purchased from the authorized distributors of ClearShot Plus Inc. (“CSP”). We only accept RMA requests from our customers.


Amending this Policy: CSP reserves the right to either amend or cancel this RMA Policy, in part or its entirety, at any time and with or without notice.


CSP’s Responsibility: CSP’s sole responsibility hereunder is limited to repairing or replacing any defective products returned by authorized customers within the US and Canada. For warranty details on CSP products provided by CSP, please refer to the following table:

Products Covered Under this 3 year limited warranty.

  • Storage Devices
  • HDD
  • Cameras
  • Motorized Parts
  • Video Door Phone Products
  • Intelligent Traffic Cameras
  • Lenses


General Return Requirements and Procedures:


  1. RMA Inquiry: Prior to returning your defective product for repairs, an authorized RMA number must be retained. To obtain an authorized RMA number you must fill out the RMA request form, which can be downloaded from CSP’s website or requested via email at sales@clearshotplus.com. Once this form is completed, you will need to email the form to sales@clearshotplus.com. You will receive a response within 24 hours with either: (1) an RMA number; or (2) a request to provide additional details and information regarding the defective product.


When sending the defective product to CSP, please make sure the provided RMA number is clearly displayed, either in black or blue ink and in large type, on the outside of the return shipping package. If your shipment requires multiple packages, each package must contain the provided RMA number clearly displayed. CSP may refuse any package that does not have an RMA number, which CSP will return on freight collect.


  1. Expiration: All RMA numbers will expire ninety (90) calendar days from the date they were issued. This means that CSP must receive the defective product within ninety (90) calendar days from the date the RMA number was issued. If the RMA number has expired, any defective products returned after the expiration date will not be valid and a new RMA number needs to be issued. CSP may be refuse any products returned with an expired RMA number.


  1. Warranty term starting dates – The warranty period for any products start on the date that the CSP ships and invoices the product to the customer.


  1. 90-day return for credit policy:

CSP has a 90-day Return Policy for all defective items sold. This 90-day Return Policy shall start upon the date CSP’s Product is sold to the dealer or end-user. Under this 90-day Return Policy, the customer must return the defective product back to CSP, within 90 days from the date of purchase, to either receive a credit or an automatic replacement. customer then must submit a return authorization request with CSP via the RMA form/process. Customer returns that fall outside of this 90-day time period will not be eligible for credit or an automatic replacement.


Products that are found to be Dead on Arrival (“DOA”), which are products that are either: (1) not in good working order right out of the box; or (2) found to be defective within 90 days from the date of purchase, will also fall within CSP’s 90-day Return Policy. Products deemed to be DOA are ultimately determined by, and verified through, CSP’s RMA department. If a returned product is found not to be DOA, then that product shall not eligible for this Return for Credit Policy.


Any Product that has been painted over, tampered with, had labels removed, or any other modifications will be void of all warranties. These products may still be repaired subject to applicable repair fees.


5. Over the Counter Exchange program

CSP has an Over the Counter Exchange Program which holds a one (3) year warranty policy for the replacement of products. This three year shall start from the date of purchase of product from CSP. Under this program, customer must send, or return, the defective product back to CSP. Then the CSP shall verify that the product returned. qualifies for this Program. Once the CSP has verified the product’s eligibility, CSP may offer a replacement if a replacement product is readily available.


If a replacement product is readily available, CSP may exchange the defective product with a replacement product. Replacement orders from customer shall be subject to verification and approval by CSP.


In the unlikely event of product failure within the first 3 years of ownership, CSP will make its best effort to ship any replacement products of equivalent performance and specifications. Replacement products may be either: (1) a new product; or (2) a refurbished product. An RMA request is always mandatory for the return of any defective products.


  1. Repair for “in-warranty” and “not in-warranty” products

For products still under warranty, Customer must fill out, and submit, the RMA form with all the required information to assist CSP’s RMA department with diagnosing and repairing any defective products. Only defective products that go through this RMA process will be accepted by CSP’s RMA department for repairs. Defective products that do not follow this RMA process may be rejected by CSP’s RMA department.


For products no longer under warranty, customer must still fill out, and submit, the RMA form with all the required information. Defective products that do not go through CSP’s RMA process may be rejected by CSP’s RMA department. An “Estimation of Charges” will be sent to customer for the repairs to the defective products not under warranty. This Estimation of Charges shall be reviewed and signed by the customer for CSP prior to commencing any repair services. CSP will not attempt to repair any defective products so long as the Estimation of Charges is unsigned. If an item is deemed to be “irreparable”, the customer will be given the options to either: (1) having the product returned, (2) having the product discarded; and/or (3) purchasing a new unit as a replacement. All repair work will be guaranteed for 90 days from the date the repair service is invoice.


  1. Shipping Costs:

Customer are responsible for all the cost of shipping for returning the defective products to CSP’s RMA centers. Repaired, or replaced, products will be shipped back to the customer at CSP’s expense.


  1. Limitations:

8.1 Improper packaging: Returned products shipped to CSP’s RMA centers must be properly packaged in order to prevent unintended damage during transportation. RMA returns with improper packaging cannot be accepted. Please refer to the RMA Packaging Requirements and diagrams at the end of this document.


8.2 Unfortunately, CSP is unable to accept any products that have been altered. Alterations will void any warranties the products may have, or had. Examples of alterations may include:

  • – Counterfeit CSP Product Label(s).
  • – Products with any of the labels missing.
  • – Jumpers, wires, or any other mechanical/electronic parts are added to the product.
  • – Any part or component is removed from the original product.
  • – PCBA/Lens/Housing/Other Parts are disassembled then assembled incorrectly.
  • – Any attempt to repair or alter a product outside of a CSP RMA Center.
  • – Labels have been switched:
  • – Genuine CSP labels on non-CSP products.
  • – Genuine CSP label(s) on different CSP product(s).
  • – Labels exhibit tampering.
  • – Label missing standard printing such as FCC, UL or Serial Number or Model Name.
  • – Serial number on a product does not match with the packaging for such product.
  • – Any other change in original state of the product.


8.3 Any physical, or accidental, damage to a product will void any warranties the products may have, or had. Examples of physical, or accidental, damage may include:

  • – Broken pins on connectors
  • – Blown power board due to applying wrong voltage and/or current
  • – Connector(s) are damaged, cracked, missing or broken
  • – Damaged components on the circuit boards
  • – Dented product case / housing
  • – Torn or punctured lens cover, case and/or any other parts
  • – Deep scratch on the Product
  • – Loose, damaged, or missing screws
  • – Missing circuit board(s)
  • – Obscured fan/heater parts (if applicable)
  • – Stripped mounting hole threads


  1. Other Terms and Conditions:

9.1. CSP reserves its rights to examine and test any returned products to determine the actual cause of damage and/or defect on the returned products.


9.2. All parts and accessories must be returned in their original packaging in order to receive a replacement.


9.3 If the malfunction of a part is determined to be due to a Customer Induced Defect or Damage (“CID”) including but not limited to an attempted repair, unauthorized repair, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, improper maintenance, installation and connection, malfunction of a peripheral device(s), rust or deterioration caused by improper storage, an invoice for extra service fees for repair charges, shipping costs, and other applicable expenses will be issued.


9.4 If the malfunction of a product is determined to be due to CID after a replacement product has already been shipped, an invoice for the replacement product will be issued.


9.5 If Customer disagrees with CSP’s decision of CID, the dispute will be submitted for customer complaint process.


9.6 CSP may choose to amend this RMA Policy, in part or its entirety, at any time, with, or without, notice.